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Frankfurt am Main, August, 2003

This was my first trip to Europe, though it's a biz trip with boss. ;( Anyway, you know I can always make some good times for myself *G*
Enjoy the boring financial hub Frankfurt as much as I did, guten tag!


Frankfurt lied on the river Main, that's the full name Frankfurt am Main comes from. It was supposed to be the most international city in Germany, but I didn't really think so. Knowing no german language could be a pain here. ;< I couldn't even manage to buy the mass transit ticket on my own!


The night scenery was fine along the riverside, quiet and breezy, nice for the lovers talk *wink*
Compared to Hongkong, FF was just...hmm...a nice and so relaxing financial hub, as the Eurobank was located here ;>


The nice green belt along the southern bank of the Main boasted one of the Germany's best cultural treasures: The Museumsufer (i.e museum embankment) which holds 13 of the city's museums.

I loved the green trees here. When could I stroll along this loveable road with my lover? *sigh*


This was the telecommunication museum. See the sheep, which were actually made of telephone wire, kinda cool, right? :)


Most museums charge admission fee(Euro 2.3 - 11 per adult), but some can be free on some day in a week (ususally Wed). Most close on Monday so check the schedule before you head to them.
Anyway, just a walk along this nice riverside is worthy for any time :)


The backbone of Frankfurt, the Romer sqaure in the Altstadt (old city) dated back hundreds of years. The well-kept appearance of Romer with the Rathaus (town hall) was impressive. However,  most of these old brick buildings actually were virtually destroyed after WWII and were only recently rebuilt as replicas.

There were still some fun places here in FF!


Museum fur Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art), dubbed 'The Piece of Cake' because of its triangular shape, housed the works of major artists from the 1950s up to the present, including Andy Warhol. Works were displayed in 'unique' ways throughout the unique that it's just too modern for me *LOL*
This was the bed filmed in one of the movies of Hitchcock, kinda kewl, huh?

I went to modern art mesuem, because it's free admission on the day we arrived ;)

German people were so cool and long faces, even those personnels working in the 'service industries'. how come?
Only my friends Mash and his friend Nanni, and Marty were the sweetest folks I've known in FF. Thanks for them who made my visit in FF was full of fun and laugh ;)

There is a frankfurt card, great for non-stop tourist types. Valid for 24 hrs (euro 7.5) or 48 hrs (euro 11), this card allows unlimited use of public transport, 50% of admission, discount in guided city tours, etc, etc. Check it out at info@tcf.frankfurt,