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My best choices around the world!
The good bargains I've found~
Hongkong's great picks-1
Hongkong's great picks-2
Taiwan's nice picks!
Macau's good picks, besides gambling & women *heheh*
World's cool picks
Macau's good picks, besides gambling & women *heheh*


Here'r the things I think as good as gambling & women, if not better than that :>


Cozinha Pinocchio is located in old urban food street in Taipa, adjoin Macao Jockey Club, nearby Macao Stadium & Taipa Village. It's just 10 mins taxi from Macao Ferry Terminals or 5 mins from Macao Int'l Airport. Founded in 1977 by Mr D.M. Pina, Cozinha Pinocchio is the first Portuguese restaurant providing authentic Portuguese and Macanese fare in Taipa (and the 2nd branch was open in Zhuhai in 1997).
I like the house specialty 'Stir fried curry crab', 'Stuffed prawns with spicy garlic sauce', US Prime Rib-eye is not bad too! It opens from 11:45 ~ 23:45 daily. And now you can reserve your seat online, check at

Lisboa Casino neon light reflects on Bank of China

You know what is kewl to buy in Macau?? Go to the pawn shop! You can find any style watches, jewel at the reasonable prices! I just found the style I like for CARTIER watches!! And more better, you know most shops won't sell you counterfeit things ;) There are a lot of pawn shops around the casino places, and don't forget to see the luxurious artifacts at Lisboa Casino (even they're just imitation, still worth going to have a look!)

Lobby of Venetian Hotel, Taipa, Macau

Nowadays, Macau is full of casinoes, the total revenue is override that of Vegas. The Venetian Hotel is one of the latest and largest. It has hotel, condo, casino, big shopping mall along the grand river. It's a good experience to come and see, and enjoy the free drink in casino and the nice and clean with gold plated toilets. ;) The food at food court is acceptable, or you can choose those fancy resturants located inside the hotel.

Koi Kei near St Paul Ruin Facade

When talking about souvenirs, I found that nowadays many new shops open in Macau to sell you all different local specialty food.
Pastelaria Koi Kei is the one I 'd recommend. They have many branches, and the staff are so helpful and friendly. I don't like much the peanut candy (though it's freshly handmade daily by the boss Mr Leung). Rather, the dried lemon, dried beef/pork slices and almond cakes are my favorite.
Don't worry, you won't have problem to find one of their shops around those tourist places!


The Macao Museum of Art is situated besides the Macao Cultural Centre and it is the largest Museum of cultural relics and arts in Macao.  

Opening time: 10:00am - 6:30pm
Open date: Tuesday to Sunday, including public holidays. Closed on Mondays.
Admission: Adult - MOP$ 5.00; student - MOP$ 3.00.
Children under 12 years old and elderly over 65 years old are free of charge.
Admission is free on Sundays.
Tel: (853)7919814/ 7919800, Museum
Address: Macao Culture Centre, Av. Xian Xing Hai S/N NAPE Macao
Bus routes which serve Museum: 1A, 8, 23, 12, 17

Wanna know more about travel Macau's information? Check here at
I went there to see Renoir and Guine exhibit ;)


I like to paint things that can attract me. If it is a scenery, it must attract me to go for a visit; if it is a lady, she must attract me to go and embrace her ~ by Renoir, Pierre-Auguste


There is a museum pass for entry to six museums - the Grand Prix Museum, Wine Museum, Museum of Macau, Maritime Museum, Lin Zexu Museum and the Macau Museum of Art. The pass is valid for 5 days and a single visit to each museum. The pass costs MOP$25.00 for adults and MOP$12.00 for children under the age of 18 and senior citizens over 60. Passes may be purchased at designated museums

Anyway, there is no entrance fee to St. Dominic's Museum, Museum of Sacred Art, Museum of Nature & Agriculture, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial House, Taipa House Museum and the Fire Department Museum. So why not go and enjoy the air con in summer time *LOL*

Macau is just like a close resort to HK, and you can still feel and enjoy the exotic aroma as it was the ex-portuguese colony.