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Moments - captured the precious moments where I've been
Sabah + Sawarak, M'sia

The nice pier at the 5-star hotel, SABAH
My sis & I showed you the latest stylish custom at the beach, cyber funky look, huh?

Let's go to KOTA KINABALU, which is 4010m height
See, i changelled another mountain...n still survived ;P

Met the pretty girl in custom, SAWARAK
U won't see this kind of girls on street, it's just for the travel magazine shooting;)

Those caves are great, you just can't miss them!

Visitor's centre in MULU NATIONAL PARK
Besides caves, u can see cute plush...birds of a feather flock together, right?

A brief rundown of the 4-week southeast Asia trip in the year of 2000:

5 July
- 5am my friend drove my sis & me from Keelung, Taiwan to the CKS Airport, took MH69 to Kota Kinabalu, because unstable air, a flight attendant poured all the stuff on the tray on my body ;(
- 12noon arrived KK airport and exchanged money, went to a restaurant for Thai crusine lunch, restroom for both male and female
- went to Orchid Garden in KK Park, overnight at Kinabalu Pine Resort, crab hot pot for dinner

6 July
- 6am got up, took photo around, saw rabbit house, breakfast, went to Tree Top Suspension Bridge, Poring Hot Spring for swim
- lunch at Pine Resort, made bargain at open street market, RM34 for 4 Tee-shirts :)
- afternoon went to The Magellan Sutera Hotel Spa, went to business centre to couriered my sister's visa via TNT express
- shopped at Centre Point Shopping Centre, seafood restaurant for lobster dinner and culture show
- late nite back to hotel for Karaoke, bathed n then slept after midnite

7 July
- 630am woke up, breakfast at Five Sails hotel outlet, motorboat to islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park which was made of 5 islands: Mamutik, Sapi, Manukan, Sulug and Pulau Gaya.
- we went to Mamutik for feeding fish, Sapi for snorkeling (I did see a blue star fish on the sea bed, wow ;))). Lunch was BBQ at the beach
- back to hotel, 4pm took the shuttle bus to downtown, dinner at Five Sails (sucked), Karaoke for free, cocktail and slept late

8 July
- 630am woke up, morning swim in hotel pool
- 800am took photos, breakfast, mangrove cruise, banana ride, canoe and water bicycle at Nexus Resort (fun!), sightseeing in downtown including Sabah Foundation, State Mosque and Temple
- afternoon went to Shangri-la Resort, took a nap till 6pm, coastal walk, dinner at hotel, chit chatted and hotel shopping, 930pm slept

9 July
- 700am woke up, 15 mins for buffet breakfast, then took the shuttle bus to Sunday Market for shopping, back to hotel to pack, mini bicycle and badminton
- lunch at Magellan Club, went to the State Museum, my sis & I left the packe tour, checked in a B&B, dinner, slept late

10 July
- woke up at 7am, bathed and breakfast, car ride to Kinlu River for white water rafting with Yvonne, BBQ lunch,
- afternoon went to Kamungsing Complex to book KK Mt. climbing trip, back to B&B, took mini bus to Casmina Hotel to find Yvonne, took a hot bath and mini bus back to Centre Point, dinner + shopping with Yvonne, back to B&B

11 July
- woke up at 9am, went to buy flight ticket to Brunei and Mulu, lunch was chicken rice, went to Centre Point and shopped around
- took the long distance bus to KK park, registered but no enough cash, asked for help and stayed overnite in the Park Hostel, dinner at restaurant, slept at 10pm

12 July
- 600am woke up, prepared, ate breakfast, bus to Power Station,

- started climbing with Alpha (a HK guy studying in Japan)and our national park guide was Joseph, I really wanna die after 15 mins' climb, I then followed the pace of Mr. Fan's family
- 1pm reached the peak's restaurant and had lunch, went to Gunting hostel, cold and dizzy, slept at 2pm and woke up at 1am

13 July
- woke up at 1am, hot tea and biscuit for breakfast, started climbing again at 2am, cold, cloudy, chilly
- climbed till 5am and I was still unconscious, Joseph carried me down to the hut
- 730am left the hut and joined Alpha & my sis (they both reached the summit) at the restaurant, proper meal, climbed down at 930am
- waited for bus till 1pm, lunched with plastic spoon, mini bus to KK downtown, went to Kumingshing Complex to confirm MAS tickets, went back to B&B
- 830pm went to Ruby Hotel to have great dinner in hawker stall with Mahandrum (an indian medicine student in M'sia)and Altimor (a French pretty lady), back to B&B by taxi

14 July
- woke up at 8am, breakfast, phoned to TNT to complain, bought air ticket with Alpha, buffet lunch, met Manhendran at the pier, went to Indian handicraft, then back to B&B with taxi, all 4 went to airport at 4pm, took Brunei Airlines to BSB
- 6pm arrived BSB, no bus or PPP, at last took taxi (B$25) to Terrace Hotel (B$85) and saw James Mosque, photos, hotel bath, dinner at night market, new shopping mall, department store, bought some mangosteens, walked back to hotel and slept

15 July
- 730am woke up, saluted the Sultan on the street, went to Delifrance for breakfast, water taxi (B$12) to Parasian Dam. Spent B$6 to find the Istana (Sultan's palace), took bus to the bus station to 01 centre point, lunch at SG noodle, shopped at Centre Point, mini bus to hotel, bath, had indian food
- late evening, bus to Jurondong Park, played free rides and Music Garden Park, 930pm hotel taxi, watched the firework, 1030pm slept

16 July
- 700am woke up, swimmed in the hotel pool, bathed, visited Raligalia House, breakfast at Jabilee, bus to Brunei Museum, bus non stop, taxi back to downtown(B$10)
- Indian food for lunch, walked back to hotel, taxi to airport, stopped at the new mosque, walked to the miniatures to take photos, to airport, coz there was no seat available so we flied back to KK first, had sandwich at Delibake at 5pm
- 730pm took flight to Miri, taxi to Manhi hotel (RM35) with lots small insects in our room, (scary :{{ ) fried noodle for dinner, watched TV for Brunei Sultan birthday, went sleep

17 July
- 830am woke up, bathed, went to KKM to book tour to Mulu National Park, breakfast at Tien Bee Hoo, lychee drink, lunch chicken congee, Mega Hotel shopping
- 1230pm free drive to Miri Airport, I got the abdominal pain and wanna die
- 310pm flight to Mulu, stayed at rainforest cabin's Belian room, went to Canteen buy 7-up, went swimming in the river but was almost drown, luckily saved by Gerard
- bathed at 6pm, dinner at 930pm, chatted with Richard (our national park's guide) under the stary nite, 1030pm slept

18 July
- 900am woke up, 10am breakfast, watched the Malay to play mahjong, went to the Royal Mulu Resort with Gerard, lunch at 1230pm
- 145pm started the trip to Lang Cave and Deer Cave, 5pm bat observatory
- 7pm bathed, catched fish at the night boating, rocking boat, back to room at 1030pm and slept

19 July
- 730am woke up, bathed and breakfast, boat to open market, went to  Wind Cave and  Clearwater Cave, watched the 'kiss stone', 'JULY', lunch at the riverside, boat to Mulu Park, lunch at the forest canteen
- Afternoon nap at hostel, almost fainted when woke up, walked to Royal Mulu in heavy rain, hitchhiking, watched the soccer match, 2 vs 1, Mulu won, met Afriez (the national park's big brother ;P) at the canteen, he motorbiked me back to canteen for dinner, chatted together, slept at black rock chalet (FREE ;P)

20 July
- 630am, breakfast with milo, went to the airport, no plane at 855am
- back to the park by Afriez's motorbike, went to the Hot Spring, then to Musa's home, went to the Royal Mulu Resort to take photos, lunch at nearby cafe
- afternoon took plane to Kuching, Sawarak, met Jacob, checked in the B&B, had dinner with Jacob, met his friend's office, car drive to the waterfront, slept at 1030pm

21 July
- 900am woke up, moved to the Fata Hotel, had breakfast at Pelina Shopping Centre, washed clothes in the hotel
- went to Hilton Hotel for lunch, met Jacob and Robert at Cyber City near the hotel, went to Sarawak Museum, Medeka Palace Hotel for Seattle Coffee Shop, shopping at the Complex, went to seafood court for dinner, chitchatted around cybercity, went to karaoke and pubs with some perverts, lucky we finally get rid of them and went back to hotel at 1am

22 July
- 10am breakfast at Fata restaurant, went to Main Bazaar, at the water front I suffered the pain again. Then to Indian Street, lunch, bus to Sawarak Cat Museum, the weather was so hot and I wanna die
- took nap at canteen till 5pm, chased bus back to Main Bazaar, walked to water front, Cafe Kawativia for dinner, went to Holiday Inn Hotel, shopped at Sarawak Plaza, back to hotel and slept at 10pm

23 July
- 600am woke up, bathed, 7am breakfast congee without spoon
- 800am bus from 2 1/2miles to 3 1/2 miles, then long distance bus to Lundu, walked to Gunung Gading, hired a park's guide for RM10(shared by 5 pax), saw the rafflesia (the largest flower in the world but actually was a parasite), free ride to bus stop and walked back to bus station, lunch, bus back to 3 miles, went to the wet market, walked back to hotel and taxi (Rm17) to airport
- farewell with Robert at the airport and arrived KLIA, Kuala Lumpur at 830pm
- went to Allson hotel by Rahman's car (RM20/pax), hotel bath, late dinner at street, slept at 1am

24 July
- 9am woke up, noodle for breakfast, check-in at Comfort Hotel (RM69), walked to Regent Hotel and Lot 10 food court for chicken rice, shopping, went to McDonald at 315pm, taxi back to hotel and took nap till 730pm
- met CJ, went to the Golden Horse Hotel (which was built on the deserted mine), dinner at a Japanese restaurant (delicious escargot, yummy!!) water taxi
- went to CJ's home at PJ, met Mr Q and Ah Choon, tek teri, night drive to KLCC, Mandarin Hotel, red light district, 200am slept

25 July
- 900am woke up, BBQ pork bun for breakfast, walked to Chinatown, lunch at Malaya Hotel, went to Central Market, Mosque Ajird, Merdeka Square, Islamic Art Museum, National Mosque, back to Central Market, took MRT to Paramount
- 800pm waited for Ah Choon, went to Sunway Hotel Resort, Cable Cafe for set dinner, shopped at Gray, took photos, enjoyed the lemon tea, bought late dinner and back to Comfort Hotel at 1am

26 July
- 730am, BBQ pork bun as breakfast again (yummy!), taxi to Puduraya, wait for no car, 10am finally got on the bus, 1130am stop for toilet, slow drive to Georgetown, Penang
- 430pm finally arrived Penang, check-in Coral Hostel (RM7), had late lunch at Tandoori for Indian chicken, shopped till broke, Komtar shop, dinner at restaurant, back to hostel to sleep

27 July
- 800am woke up, walked towards ferry pier, morning breakfast, bus #101 to market, from there walked to  take bus #8 to Cable Station, Penang Hill (701.04 m high), had hotdog there and picked a 2-RM billnote on the street :), bus #8 back to market, chicken rice for lunch, went to Kek Lok Si Temple to take pic, #130 bus to Jeti, couldn't see the coastal area, bus #137 back to Chulia Street, checked out from the hostel
- 515pm took bus to Ipoh/KL, 800pm stopped at Ipoh for a break
- 1230am arrived Puduraya finally, late dinner with Ah Choon, slept at Ah Lee's home at 2am

28 July
- 930am woke up, 11am went to Shah Alam, back to PJ for hawker lunch, car drive to KLCC, shopping, 6pm took MTR to Paramount
- 630pm back to Ah Lee's home, waited for Ah Choon, 730pm drove to dinner for grilled crab, met Mr Q at home, slep at 1130pm

29 July
- 830am woke up, breakfast with Ah Choon, went to Paramount MTR to meet Audrey, went to Indian Street, Istana, Sungar Plaza, Mandarin Hotel, free sky visit of KLCC, went to KMT to take Plusliner bus to SG (RM20), snack at A & W
- 1030pm arrived SG ,been in Audrey's auntie home, Eric then drove us to his home, slept at 1am

30 July
- woke up at 7am, went to East Coast with Hoe, 910am breakfast, cycling with Hoe & his friends at Pulau Ubin, tough task, lunch, went to beach, infor centre for rest
- 630pm back home, bathed, 800pm went to Mandarin Hotel for Hoi Nan chicken rice (S$17), met Alvin and went to Mt. Faber, back home at 2am

31 July
- woke up at 9am, went to Stanford Road bookstore for breakfast, car drive to Raffle Hotel, shopping and went to Chimjas, met Sathia and David at the Paramount Hotel, taxi to Marine Promenade hawker centre, lunch, bus to Suntec, shopped till 6pm, met Nathan at Pugas, coffee, MRT, went to City Hall MRT & Raffle City, dinner at food culture court for Korean food, shopped around
- waited for Alvin till 1140pm, went to hawker's store for late milk tea, went to Eric's home to pack, returned to Alvin's home and slept at 2am

1 Aug
- 6am woke up, went to the Orchid Hotel for the bus back to KL, too late and the bus's gone, we then drove to Rocher's Road for taxi(S$28) to JB, transfer another taxi(RM25) to airport, finally made it on time to take the 1025am flight back to KK
- 335pm flight to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 700pm arrived Taiwan, but no NT, cash advance NT500, bus to long distant bus station
- 830pm bus to Taichung, arrived home before midnite, and finally saw my lovely Ivan who was only 3 months old at that time ;) *kiss*