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Moments - captured the precious moments where I've been
Travel a bit!! Life is for travel, isn't it? ;)

Some places I have been visited


This was Kobe, Japan (taken in the year of 1998? hmm... I forgot when I visited Japan.) 

Japan was sure a nice place to go backpacking (but kinda luxurious backpack, u have to be financially prepared! ;P) It was nice, safe, versatile and of course expensive. I didn't like Japan much before I traveled there. But after visiting it, I really thought there were something we could learn from the Japanese, and a lot of other things we should not learn from them as well (a really good counter example, actually *LOL*)

All I did in Japan was keep "EATING, EATING & EATING". Coz the clothings were too outrageous, the sceneries were always fine, but the foods were REAL!! They were so tasteful, no matter served cold or hot. Even foods sold in Lawson (I liked this kind of convenient store) were so yummy!!! I spent from 500 up to 4000 yen for a meal but all of them were so delicious!! Whether it's the fast food served in small shop along the street, or the sushi served by the master, or the puffy fish hot pot, or the expensive tofu set meal in the famous temple, or the tender kobe beef...all of them were so wonderful!!

So I hope to go to Japan again, not for anything but for the FOODS. I especially recommend OSAKA, the kitchen of Japan ;)

PS - the only thing I hated was the ramen, sorry to tell. I liked noodles, but I hated them served with all sorts of BBQ pork, bamboo shoot, etc, etc. I was fed up with the noodles after I took 1st noodle in the Ramen Museum, 2nd noodle in the biggest fish market in tokyo (also the biggest fresh fish market in the world, as I read) and 3rd noodle in Hokkaido. Sorry pals, don't ask me to eat anymore noodles in Japan. I'd rather prefer curry rice ;)




2000 X'mas Party in Shanghai. I was a bit dressed up. Wanna dance with me? Please queue up first *giggle*


Karnak Temple is a nice place (though a bit smaller than Luxor Temple), with all the temples built by many different pharaoh in different period of Egyptian history. You will be so amazed by the 'eternality' power here, whenever every pharaoh just wanted to leave some of his own trace in this world!


PETRA, aka ROSE CITY or RED CITY, was located somewhere in Jordan (near the Wadi Rum?) This was one of my favourite places in the Middle East. Spend at least 2 days here, and you won't regret. The passenge to the Treasury was a magnificent trip which I'd been walked for few times. Every time I was still astonished by the stunning of this scenery. No matter how many pictures you 've seen before about this place, you will still be caught by PETRA, believe me!


You were allowed to ride the horse into Petra until you reached the Treasury. Then you had to go into the city only on foot. It's really a nice experience to enjoy the stroll in the 'deserted' desert city. I even saw a Japanese lady walking on her 3" high heel. Couldn't believe how tough a lady could be when it's the matter of beauty *LOL*


This was the Treasury. It looked familiar if you had ever watched the film Indian Jones: The Last Crusade. The Treasury was something which was looking good outside, but nothing inside except an empty hollow, hmm...sounds like many people among us ;)


The Grand Monastery was located at the rear part of Petra. After all those nice sceneries along the road, it's just like the final bonus to end the trip. The Monastery was grand, but just like the Treasury, it's nothing much left to see besides the nice facade. Anyway, all the colorful rocks in this area were the essense of the trip. And imagine this city once was a popular hub in nowhere just like nowadays would admire the ancient people who were so smart to make decent life possible even in the middle of the desert!

Want to go traveling with me?? Just call me then *G*