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Moments - captured the precious moments where I've been
My lovely nephew IVAN

Ivan was born on May 19, 2000, the year of millennium gold dragon. ;)

He was very cute, liked to laugh a lot and to cry just 'a bit'. But well, no one really cared when he cried. Hey! Boys are supposed to be tough, rather bleeding but no tears & fear, aren't they? Anyway, he's the angel to our family, as a fortune teller told his mom and we all believed in that!! ;)

I was not his mom. But the facts were: I was the one who bathed him, milked him (of course not breast milk!), sung the lalluby to him, massaged him, and last but not the least, handled his 'golden shit'. While his mom just kept watching  stock market on TV and made money for him only - but nothing for me. ;(((

Anyway, those were the 'happy days in the miserable time', esp. during the catastrophic earthquake in Taiwan in 1999!  When we didn't have water supply, nor the electricity and were so panic for every aftershock, IVAN was already in the womb of his mom, kept growing bigger & bigger, becoming more and more handsome :)))


Here's the 1-month-old baby. He was so lovely that even I grabbed and 'flirted' him during his sleep, he wouldn't insist or resist...but now, *sigh* you bet!


He was a beauty, don't you think so? Even with the allergy on face, he's still so adorable, big dark eyes with blossom juicy lips, what a beauty in my eyes ;) I can't forget his kisses *G*


He looked gorgeous in the dress made of silk and gold embroideries I bought in Sabah ;))) He looked a bit nervious, well, it's his very first time to be model, please pardon him ;P


See the bald head? He once was a perfectly bald he couldn't be the perfect monk anymore in the future *G* I guess he's better to be a musician/pianoist, even an amateur ;)


This was 2-year-old Ivan at his birthday party, celebrating this precious moment with his lovely auntie.  The big cake was contributed by his mom who was studying in the UK at that time.


This was Ivan at the age of two and a half, was still cute and ate so much ;)))


See! This was the evidence to prove how greedy he was when talking about food ;) He would cry and used any means to get the food he wanted and ate it in his 'decent' table manner way ;)


Ivan used to be so warmly welcome me, in his unquie passionate way :))))


I went back to HK working since July 2002 and keep missing my Ivan so much. Finally we met again in the CNY. This photo was taken in 2003 CNY when I spent the holidays in Taiwan. We went to the hot spring to celebrate our reunion after almost 6 months. He still loved me, didn't he? :P



This was Ivan in year 2004 CNY, at the age of 3-3/4. He grew so big and a bit slim but still was a 'mannered' handsome boy. He was still so greedy in food, still loved candies so much and still was my Mr. MILK. ;)


This was Ivan's very first formal picture when he had to apply the passport for the Paris trip at the age of 4 months. I made use of his cute-looking picture as my key chain. His cuteness is almost gone now, but never gone are our (or only my?) sweet memories ;)