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Alaska trip, July 2003

We went to Alaska, USA in July, 2003.  We first arrived in Vancouver, Canada and then boarded the prince cruise ( for 7-day Inside Passage & Gulf of Alaska trip.
Wanna see our ship? Click below:


The tranqual scenery you could enjoy on a not-so-windy day as this, when in summer the sun sets after 10pm in Alaska!


The famous Mendenhall Glacier which located just adjacent to the capital of Alaska, Juneau.


Hey, here I was, at the Mendenhall Glacier, welcome to The Last Frontier, Alaska!


Too bad we didn't see the aurora (the northern light) coz it could only be seen in the inland Alaska ;(

As it says: Welcome to Alaska's 1st city, Ketchikan, the salmon capital of the world.


I joined the excursion for canoe + white pass. Here I was, in the cold cold lake somewhere in Alaska.


After a hard rowing for 1-hr, I finally could sit in the old fashioned train and enjoyed the relaxation with the beautiful scenery in this famous 'white pass railway'. The cabin didn't have power supply, so no light inside and would operate only during few months in the summer ;)


I captured some gorgeous snapshot for you to enjoy!


Experience the breathe taking panorama of mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, trestles and historic sites from the comfort of vintage parlor cars!
Check it up for more infor:


Don't miss the helicopter tour and enjoy the speculator views of the glaciers in Juneau from the air. See the Northern Stars & Big Bear Star? ie. The national flag of Alaska!

Alaska was so HOT in summer July, 2003! Can you believe it? The temp was around 17 - 21 C!


At the Glacier, don't forget to touch the water, touch the ice, touch the wind, touch the cold, and BE STRONG :))

The White Pass was a must-try rail route in Skagway. Built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush, this narrow guage railroad was an international historic civil engineering landmark.


This photo was taken after our extravagant dinner, I guess it's about 9pm. See the sun hasn't set (song: don't let the sun going down on me...) and we could still enjoy the breeze (if not the bleakness) at the deck ;P


This was another 'formal' dressing code for our 'champaigne nite'. See what I was wearing and you can imagine how 'HOT' Alaska can be!


This was a surprise for me. The last meal I took at the resturant, I was given this lovely heart chocolate cake from the guys who served our table ;) They're so sweet :)))

Wanna know more about Alaska? Ask me and I will tell you what I've known, not too much though :P