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Moments - captured the precious moments where I've been
Taiwan - my 2nd home town

Having been living in Taichung, Taiwan for 6 years, what I have to advise you 'must-learn skills' in taiwan are:
1) you must learn how to ride a scooter/or car
2) you must learn how to deal with when your scooter/or car is broken/stolen
3) you must learn how to survive when you ride the scooter/or drive the car and being crashed with other scooter/car/trunk/bus/taxi/bicycle/animal/not-blind-but-walk-like-blind pedestrians/anything possible found in Taiwan (coz you will probably encounter it on the road some day)
4) if you can't learn either one of the above, you better don't live or drive in Taiwan, or at least not in Taichung ;)
5) I can live & drive in Taichung coz I've encountered all the above ;(


This was not my scooter, mine had been stolen after I bought it for just 6 months *sob* But you know, without a scooter/car, you were lame in here I was, with a 'vintage' scooter which barely kept moving me to the places I wanted to go ;))


But besides the terrible traffic in Taiwan, I at least once upon a time had a very spacious room which could accommodate at least 3 of me in the king-size bed *LOL* So it's not too bad living in Taiwan. And see, I finally got my own multi-task-all-mighty table. I spent lots of my precious time chatting and bullshitting here if I were not sleeping in my nice bed with the feather pillow and duck down blanket. ;)


Also, there were lots of different kinds of resturants/tea houses/dining places in Taiwan which you simply couldn't find those in HK! For instance, this was the tea house I enjoyed the tea time which the chairs were designed by Philippe Starck, more beautiful lady face on the chairs than that you see in Felix, The Peninsular in HK. It's more kewl, don't you think so? ;)


Come to Taiwan and I'll show you more kewl outlets!


And the most precious thing I had was my lovely nephew IVAN. He's my beloved one (before I find my mr right, of course). He was so cute, so bald and so angular bald :))))
I enjoyed every moment with him so much *kiss*


Boy are boys! My boy likes car, esp those really 'nice' car. I think he likes to chase pretty ladies too, so I am quite sure he is a straight boy. *wink* Hope he also likes 'pretty auntie April' too. *GRIN*

Wanna explore more of the Formosa, the beautiful name for Taiwan? Just give me a call and you may be lucky enough to stay at my home. Well, I have plenty of space to lease out, don't worry! *G*