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Moments - captured the precious moments where I've been
Hongkong sceneries

This was a sunny day in June when the sun shone so high, the breeze blew so nice and I was so worn out after walking for at least 2 hours in the HK's countryside trail. This was SAI KUNG, the eastern part of HK where the wind was always so big and the sea was always so aqua blue & clear.  ;)


Just a shot at  HK's reservoir, i think it's High Island Reservoir?


Such a magnificent scene, just like shangri-la in  the hectic concrete jungle Hongkong. Come and enjoy the gift from the god ;)


Just have to prove that I'd been in this place on my bare foot. And the above photos were taken by me as well. So if you wanna download the pictures, please ask for my copyright first ;))


Ivan in Taiwan, at the age of 2-3/4. I would love to show him around in HK, if only he has the HK ID card ;( I am sure he will be so curious about HK, just as he's curious to see this world thru a single eye.
This picture just showed that he knew exactly that he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but with the silver spoon on his eye. *LOL*


This was my very first uploaded picture to my homepage. It was taken at Tung Long Island, the eastern outlying island in Hongkong. That time was...1994, wow...a really young version of me *grin*
However, I still think my present look & wisedom are both in progressing :))) Don't you agree? *wink*


Here was the Angler's Beach, near Sea Crest Villa in Sham Tseng. A nice scenery with Tsing Ma Bridge along the sand beach. It's a perfect place for barbeque under the tree shadow ;)
*PS, sorry, I was busy on the line, just a minute....'wei'...