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Moments - captured the precious moments where I've been
HK snapshots, 2003

These were the moments I spent in Hongkong, my beloved hometown. If you have chance to come here, call me and maybe I am in a good mood to be your guide :))))


This was (and still is ) my job in Hongkong currently, working as a kinda 'merchandizer' in a gift & premium trading firm. This was our showroom, looked fun, wasn't it? But it's never an easy job to work here, it's a job of paper work + labour work + slave attitude + being 'preached' duty + no OT pay + tons of gossips.
You must have heard these rules before:
Rule# 1: Boss is always right.
Rule# 2: If you think Boss is not right, please refer to rule #1.
I don't need to agree with these 2 rules, coz I just DO and FOLLOW these rules *LOL*


Here was Tai O, a small fishing village located in the biggest outlying island of Hongkong, ie. Lantau Island (where the new airport is now located).
Enjoy the wood huts built on the river and the scenery of the birds, water & trees. It's nothing commonly found in manic HK :)


This was Tai Tam reservoir in Hongkong Island, one of few beautiful natural sceneries you could find in HK and it's very close to the downtown. I like it quite a lot!

Enjoy the hike and you can feed fish and see turtles here ;)


Porsche(maybe?) in Sham Tseng, New Territories, a place famous for the roast duck. Come and I can show you around, but not include this 'man's luxurious toy'  ;P


This was the view from my friend's home, the gorgeous Tsing Ma bridge!


I was working so hard even after office hour, away from office, with the laptop and the phone, surrounding by  the wonderful scenery outside the window ;)


Guess what i was doing?? Bet u don't know why I wore googles when typing with the computer ;P


This was "A symphony of lights' which was multi-media light & sound show during CNY in Hongkong. There were total 18 key buildings along the waterfront of the Victoria Habour participated in this show...just tried to attract you guys to come and travel in HK :)))

Wanna know more about the places around in HK? Ask me and I can tell you more ;)